About Us

Radelsan was founded to manufacture steel conduits and pvc coated steel conduits, to take place in domestic and foreign markets, to give healthy delivery time to our business partners and to increase our quality standarts in our products.

Radelsan will never give up on two main values that its working system was constructed upon. Customer and Quality. We work focusing on the appreciation of the customers. We know that, the customer, who is glad with us and our products is the most prominent factor to carry us to tomorrow. We know that the product of good quality always leads the right customer who looks for the quality to its manufacturer and we took manufacturing such products of good quality as a goal. We are a family with our employees. We have the same goals, same aims. We consider it as a duty to be useful for our society and our country in our all activities. We support economy by producing as best as we can. In order to convey our support to the next generations, we don’t hesitate to take necessary steps and to make necessary investments.

Our Mission:

To manufacture products that are suitable to the standarts, by reaching all the standarts that we need for our products and by getting quality certificates.

Our Vision:

To accelerate our production regarding to marketing prudences in the sector and to open out to the World by increasing our sales and by regarding the gladness in domestic and foreign market through our business partners.